Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final Fantasy Smackdown: IX

Well we've hit the PS1 of the games and well today.

Today's game makes me angry, but not for the reason you're thinking of.

See there's a debate on if VIII or IX was the worst of the PS1 Final Fantasies. That, that pisses me off. Why? Because IX is freaking awesome. The main complaint it gets is the graphics everyone is chibi and they complain how Zidane looks like he's twelve. (Though to be fair he is only sixteen and shorter than humans so that might not be to far off. Yet he hangs out in bars and is an infamous womanizer. Strange.)

Now I can see the argument on graphics, but I personally like the style. It's not for them all to completely dressed in black with emo hair. And honestly, compared to VII the graphics probably look more like actual humans than those did. I mean Cloud looked like a lego figure. VIII people could actually compare and say they like that graphic style better except they're to busy bashing it for not being VII but anyways.

IX is well.... Kinda awesome I mean first off. The character's outfits make sense. They're exotic but not just... stupid. And they actually are somewhat practical. I mean Dagger has got to be the only princess I have ever seen who was actually dressed for traveling. The characters though are just.... well better than most other Final Fantasies. I mean let's look at the main character Zidane. He's not an emo unlikable twat. He's a cocky womanizing god of thievery. Okay cocky might not be the best quality in a personality, but he's fun, and humorous and it's actually fun to play as him. He grows over time, and you know what? This guy refuses to go emo no matter what the world throws at him. There are two parts in the game where he's actually depressed, and it made sense in character instead of just general "My life sucks" you get in most of these games. I mean, this guy had it revealed it was his destiny to kill all his friends, destroy the world he was calling home, be a sort of puppet angel of death, and then he had his soul sucked out of his body. This is something he had a genuine reason to be depressed about, and it lasted for maybe five minutes as he wasn't a twat and didn't force all his friends to run off when they were telling him he wasn't alone. He even gets an awesome song out of it.

No really.


But the storyline is fun for this game. Yeah it's not the best story ever written but by comparison to other games, especially in the Final Fantasy series, it's a freaking master piece. It's not a stupidity driven plot and it's completely free of time travel.

Then there's the villain. Kuja. He breaks the practicality of outfit rule everyone else established, but he's actually a competent and frightening villain. This is a guy who we learn pretty quickly just how powerful he is, but he still remains on the sidelines, letting people set up their own destruction and toying with them. Eventually he becomes the most powerful being in both worlds, and to be quite frankly is one of the most powerful villains in the series. I mean, he deals plot damage. And he apparently undid most of reality at one point or something. He's kind of interesting because his obvious character flaw eventually leads him to being a larger threat. His narcissism and inability to accept the world without him is ultimately what ends up sending him into an omnicidal rage. Granted I wouldn't be to happy either if I finally succeeded at my master plan then found out I only had a few hours to live I'd probably through a bit of a tantrum as well.

Having said that there is one huge problem I have with the game.

What the hell is Necron? I mean seriously, final boss completely out of left field. We never really get an explanation on what that is... That bugs me. Apparently he's some god of death or something Kuja brought into the world by destroying the source of all life. There are some really good explanations made by fans as to what he is and where he came from, and some of them explain any and all plot holes in the game. The problem? WHY WEREN'T THESE IN THE GAME?

Also he looks kinda ridiculous.

Final boss aside, the game is great. It presents challenges, though some that are just unfair. (Screw you Ozma. We're not allowed to talk about how many attempts that took) It's well written, the characters are likable, the villain is deadly, and everyone isn't dressed up in black zippers.

Which is probably why you all hate it because if apparently if a character doesn't have the personality of a cardboard cutout and isn't the most unlikible person in all of existence he's unrelated to the average FF gamer.

So to everyone who skipped out on this game because of the graphics or the fact that everyone wasn't dark.

Screw you all. I'm not smacking down this game, the idiot fans of the series who skipped this one need to be smacked down.

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